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Brassed Off

One of the pleasures of boating is looking at well turned out boats,  These normally have stunning paint jobs and masses of shinning brass work.  The owners are out touching up any little scrapes they may have had during the day and are always frantically polishing the brass.  This is not me, I like a clean boat but the touching up only happens twice a year even though I am planning a bit of painting shortly.  This will be the biggest job I have undertaken on the boat so far.

For some reason when the boat was built the air vents on the roof, called mushrooms, were made of brass. Personally I would have gone for stainless steel or gold plate as these only require an occasional wipe over.  Having been forced into brass I have tried many solutions for cleaning them.  At every boat show you go to someone has a magic product which cleans and shines in seconds.  That is until you buy it and my tarnish seems to be particularly resistant to whatever it is.  Brasso I hear you all say. Don’t waste my time, all you get it black hands and sore fingers and although I have persisted and polished the mushroom tops I have never succeeded with the bases.

WHen we were back in the house decorating we found an heirloom from Gill mother. A brass round table top about 30 inches wide.  I decided to see if it could be cleaned and looking through a cupboard I found a bottle of Brass and copper cleaner which must have been 15 years old and never used.  I put some cleaner on the table and rubbed it in a bit, much to my amazement I could see shiny brass appear, it may have only been a small spot on the brown/black table but there it was.  We both set to work on it and very soon we were looking at quite an area or brass.  Armed with a toothbrush and nail brush we spent a couple of hours and transformed the table into a delicately engraved object of delight.  They next day however we noticed it was already beginning to tarnish and I got out the Brasso.  As a polish it’s good and the table is still shinny now.

So armed with the magic cleaner and then Brasso we have set about our mushrooms, each one took us about an hour and a half to do we now have highly polished mushrooms and bases for the first time ever and no sore fingers.

We have seen our first ducklings of the year, only two of them but they were newly hatched.  The lambs are bouncing around the fields and the calves managing to stand up.  The spring cycle has started again. 

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