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Solid Water

We went for a little cruise just as the cold spell started.  It wasn't by choice but the need to empty our waste tank.  The basin we are moored in no longer lets us use their pump because the local Mafia (see previous entry) has stopped us - they don't like the smell.  Well it had been cold the night before but we did not expect to find so much ice in the water.  Great stretches of the canal was covered and we had to break ice for more than half the trip.  It wasn't too thick but still makes a huge amount of noise on the hull.

The day was quite pleasant as the sun shone and we saw some Kingfishers, always a great sight.  We hardly saw another moving boat all day but did pass a few moored friends en route.  I really must sort out the ban on using the basins pump out as a 12 mile return trip is not much fun when it is really cold.

Gill had a birthday celebration this weekend and our two sons and girlfriends came over, we had a really enjoyable time at the Lets Hang Out show in Harborough and a good meal at the Foxton Locks Inn.  All in all a very good weekend, it was great having our sons on board and spending time with them.  For once they didn't drink all my beer.

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