idunnolog (idunnolog) wrote,

Day Fifty Seven - Lets Get Some Miles Done, It's Only France

Rain, in fact so much weather the Bilbao and Santader ferries weren't sailing. We had decided on mainly toll roads today as it is the fastest way in France and I had planned for 400 odd miles. We enjoy driving in France but after Spain it's a bit flat. The French taigate all the time but in a different way to the Spanish. I think the Spanish are lonely and just like being close someone. The French are aggressive and will sit on you're bumper even if there is a slow truck overtaking another slow truck so nothing is going to happen for 5 minutes. They just have to overtake and when they are in front they will often slow down, but should you attempt to pass they will speed up. Fortunately the Jag normally has the edge and Gill will leave them in her dust.

The rain stopped after an hour and the day brightened up but overall not a patch on driving in Spain.

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