idunnolog (idunnolog) wrote,

Day Sixty One - Home With A Bang

First things first, A trip to Auchan for coffee, it's a bit of a tradition with us, then off to get our last drop of cheap fuel. Came in at about 90p per litre.

Next was to get Biscuit checked in at the channel tunnel. Quite a simple process when you hold the chip scanner the right way around. Nice selection of dogs in the queue. On to the check in for us. The French have never stopped us either going or coming but the English always cause a delay. The inspect the passports in great detail of everyone travelling. The have 10 control booths but only use one, it looked like our earlier train departure was in jeopardy. Anyway we did make it and got on a train 90 minutes early.

35 mins later we are waiting to drive off and hit the M20 at around 10.00am. It was fairly quiet so we made good progress to Maidstone where we ran over something small, there was a bang and the offside rear deflated rapidly. Gill made it to the hard shoulder where we found a very shredded tyre with a hole in the tread.

Mr AA came along and changed it for our space saver spare wheel. Thids means there is now less space in the boot which had been crammed full. The nice Mr AA took our stuff to the services where we could repack in safety. Now we had 150 miles at 50mph to do. Gill drove all the way but we had lost more than the time we had gained. We also have a rather expensive 255/40 ZR 19 tyre get now, but that's all part of the fun.

We arrived home to a refitted boat which is looking superb. Well done Harry, great job.

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