idunnolog (idunnolog) wrote,

I Am Homeless Voter

As a boater I am considered to be of no fixed abode. I had to declare myself homeless, despite owning a house and living on a boat. Being homeless I could then register to vote, it did cause the council to umm and ah a bit but it all worked. I will make sure I vote in this election although I am only certain who not to vote for.

Every party says it will protect the NHS, education, care homes etc. Although there may be slight differences, not much reason to choose anyone. However there are things that are needed to enjoy living here. The cuts put on councils have closed libraries and what were essential services on offer to the disabled and elderly. Cuts to bus services isolate people and the lack of road maitenance can't even keep up with potholes on major routes let alone side roads.

Instead of maintaining mediocre services, the Tories want to cut even deeper, what I can't imagine what, only that it will affect more of us. Instead they want to build a new railway line, HS2.

Now according to the Department for Transports own data only 8% of the population use the railway at all. Most of those do not travel from north to south or the reverse. Most are commuting to work on a relatively short trip. This means that the number of rail users who do wish to travel north/south are a really small percentage. A lot of them are MPs.

They Tories want to spend at least £50 billion on this project, while cutting spending further. It does not make sense. OK it will bring jobs and much needed investment but who will get the jobs.

Not the British or Europeans because we now have so little experience in rail infrastucture. The fact is the government have been surveying sites so that the workforce can be housed during the construction phase. This workforce will come from the country with the most experience of railway construction and that is CHINA. We will have little villages of imigrants up and down the route.

The money will flow from the UK, the steel will be largely Chinese, so what does the UK get? No doubt we will get the top level contracts so all the Tories friends can do nicely but the average person in the UK will have a train he never uses, or can't afford to use and noise and disturbance for many years to come.

My ideal party will scrap HS2 and invest in 95% of the population and not just the few. I also want to be part of the EU.

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