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Latest News From The Heart

I have been looking forward to my trip to Papworth since January, when we were in Spain. Angina had come back to annoy me once more and it does limit my activities as I am knackered after virtually any activity. Walking 100yds is beyond me.

Wednesday was set for me to have the miracle cure of a stent or two shoved into the right places. Previously over the last 10 years I had a quad by-pass and a couple of stents so I new what to expect. Instead of the usual half hour for a stent, I was on the operating table for two hours with just a local anaesthetic while they fiddled with the arteries around my heart. The entry point is the femoral artery in the groin so it's quite clever stuff.

When they finished the news was not as expected. 3 of the 4 bypass grafts have failed and the stents were severely narrowed. This is starving the back of my heart of blood and causing my current problem. They tried hard to open the stents up but their little balloons were popping. They report they may have made a slight improvement that I probably won't notice. I have to go back another day to explore options.
On the positive side, they were horrified at my blood sugar levels and my lack of ability to control it. A figure of 5 is good, mine was 25. The result was they made me stay overnight and regularly injected me with insulin. I left Papworth armed with injecting pens and loads of insulin after being taught to use it all.

So all in all I am happy with the insulin as this will be very good for me. My heart is no worse than it was before and still may be made better later.

I leaked a bit which made the nurses rush about. Never had so many nurses interested in my groin before.

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