idunnolog (idunnolog) wrote,

Back Onboard

We have had a quiet couple of months as I am quite restricted in what I can do. I was hoping to have been all fixed up by Papworth by now but I cannot talk to anyone there and they have ignored letters and emails and some phone calls. At last they write and say they will repeat the procedure that failed last time. To encourage me they also say that don't expect it to work this time either. It's a good job I'm not depressed. It's not as if your heart stopping is serious.

The bungalow garden is taking shape, we had a shed demolition Bar B Que on August bank holiday in the rain and with Jim on SDS drill and Abbie on wheelbarrow will all the familly chipping in the shed is no more.

There is a new Shed at the bottom of the garden and a driveway at the front. Not much has happened on the extension, this is due to start in Feb. If we can stop changing the plans.

We have superfast Vigin broadband which now we are on the boat again we miss because we forgot just how superslow the on board mobile system is here in Union Wharf. It is nice to be back on board as it is very cosy and warm. Since we had it all refitted we have hardly used it.

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